Programming language AL-IV (ALFOUR)


Example (Hello, World!)


Current state (February, 2019)
  • compilers from AL-IV to C#, Delphi (32 bit old style, with VCL), Delpgi RAD Studio (with FireMonkey), Free Pascal / Lazarus;
  • it is possible to create console and GUI applications with AL-IV for Windows and Linux, and also for Android (except supporting the OpenGL there);
  • a visual components library is ready to use, it is possible to create applications with graphical interface for Windows (C#, Delphi VCL, Delphi Firemonkey (FMX), Delphi KOL, Free Pascal) and Linux (Free Pascal).
  • OpenGL is supported (Windows / Linux);
  • Database support, embedded SQL-like statements;
  • Support for any complexity reports simple printing;
  • automatic strings localization, support of coding on national languages (including translation of the language keywords);
  • there is a small IDE AL4 created with AL-IV and allowing to edit source, run compiler, see errors (though there is no a debugger there). Can now also be compiled and run in Linux. Now with visual Form Designer, Menu Editor & Report Editor;
  • incremental compiling (reduces re-compiling a project to a couple of seconds, though only for Delphi32 + VCL, supporting of a dynamic reloading of recompiled classes while debugging (HCR - Hot Code Reloading);
  • it is possible to compile an Interpreter which can execute the most of (non-visual) projects without compiling it by an external compiler;
  • there is an RTTI support with a capability to enumerate fields of objects, get its attributes, get and set its values;
  • multi-threading is supported, with total data isolation of thread's data from other threads.


Link to the SourceForge AL-IV repository. (Open in a new window/tab)


AL-IV-2019-09-19(v0.96.9).zip - direct link to the last version of the compiler (zip archive, 2.75 MB). Support is provided for C#, Delphi7 (VCL & KOL), FPC/LCL (Windows/Linux), Delphi RAD Studio (FMX).


AL-IV-2018-07-20(v0.90.8).zip - direct link to the version of the compiler last supporting compiling to C++, Java, Python  (zip archive, 4MB). Now support for these languages is abandoned.


IDE_AL4.zip - direct link to the last version of the IDE AL4 (zip, 700KB)


Description and download links for IDE AL4



Versions history.


Language specification. Can be used as a handbook on language.
Last update: March, 2019.


Short language introduction. It allows to learn the language in the fast way, on examples of code.
Last update: Jan, 2019.


Perspective directions of AL-IV development: syntax, semantics, implementations, platforms/frameworks support.


Syntax diagrams of AL-IV language. Together with RBNF notations. Last update: Mar, 2019.


How to start programming on AL-IV. A short instruction and advances how to use instruments and code samples to start programming quickly and most efficient way.
Last update: July, 2019.


Help on AL-IV classes, Last update: Mar, 2019.


AL-IV-doks.zip - download all the documentation in one archive (8.5 MB).



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